There is a well-documented diversity gap in the tech sector. It is a white male-dominated space and women and minorities are often discouraged from pursuing careers in the field. Eighty-three percent of tech executives are white, while women only made up 36 percent of employees in the high-tech sector in 2014. Blockchain is no exception to this issue.


Recognize the problem

The first step in solving the problem is recognizing that there is a problem in the first place. Once you’re aware that there is an issue, you can identify tangible steps you can take towards making the space more inclusive. Think about what steps you can take where you are, in your community or workplace, to break down barriers and foster growth.


Because many people still don’t understand exactly what blockchain is and what it does, merely educating others is one easy step you can make in the right direction. Teaching others has the potential to spark their interest in the field, inspiring them to get more involved and maybe pursue a career with blockchain.


Blockchain is still a new and developing field, meaning those in the space now have the responsibility to set a precedent that diversity and inclusion are a priority. Some people have the deluded idea that a focus on diversity means that quality of work is not prioritized. However, great work can only be accomplished by bringing in new voices. People with different backgrounds offer a new perspective, which can help in growing the technology even more.


Reduce barriers

To encourage others to join the field, the obstacles to doing so first need to be removed. Encouraging global participation means it’s necessary to build bridges to these parties and welcome them into the field with open arms.


Some of the ways to be welcoming to these new members are prioritizing resources friendly to beginners, understandably documenting open-source projects and using clear communication and helpful abstractions.


Creating a culture in your workplace that fosters education and mentorship will encourage current members to stay and new members to join. Having an inclusive culture is one of the best ways to bring in new faces. It needs to be easy for new members to join and get involved. It’s our responsibility to help make it easy for them by reaching out and being encouraging and welcoming.


Laying these foundations now will help blockchain to grow into a technology that is accessible for everyone and will inspire other technologies to follow the same path.